Signs You Should Schedule a Dental Appointment

Everyone should see a dentist twice a year. These appointments, spaced six months apart, not only let you get your teeth professionally cleaned, but also let your dentist check for problems. For many people, a regular dental appointment is enough to keep them out of the dentist chair. However, there are some issues that should bring you to the dentist between those appointments.


Bleeding gums are not normal. Instead, bleeding when you floss, or brush is a sign of gum disease. So is random bleeding. If you notice bleeding when you brush or floss, you should see your dentist. It may be that you got lazy with your hygiene and regular hygiene can clear it up. However, it can also signal a bigger problem.

Visible Decay

Can you see cavities, pus, or other signs of decay or infection? If so, you need to get to the dentist. Even if you are not experiencing pain, those are serious issues. You want to have your dentist look and give you a plan for tackling the problem.


Pain is the biggest reason to get to the dentist. Dental pain is not normal. Even dull pain can escalate quickly, leaving you in debilitating pain. Plus, dental pain indicates a problem is present, often an infection or decay. Ignoring it can lead to serious issues, which can not only impact your teeth but even lead to systemic infections.

Bad Breath

If you have bad breath that will not go away, it can indicate a problem with your mouth. Have your dentist inspect your teeth. If they do not find a dental cause for the issue, they may send you to your regular doctor to see if there is another medical reason for the bad breath.

Loose Teeth

If you notice that your tooth seems loose, go to the dentist. You could be at risk of losing it. A dentist may be able to help you save it.

If you need a dentist, contact Comprehensive Dentistry. We are here for all of your dental needs, from emergencies to routine care.


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