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W e are extremely humbled and honored by our patients. Many times we receive reviews in the form of hand written letters and thank you cards expressing our patient’s gratitude.

Valerie Tudor
Valerie Tudor
20:18 28 Mar 23
Dr. Mancino...a cut above the rest. To my family and friends, I refer to him as the DaVinci of dentists. Why? Like Leonardo he's a Renaissance man. An architect, inventor, and an artist all rolled into one. He possesses a high degree of technical expertise coupled with a keen eye and attention to detail. He is the consummate professional striving for and achieving perfection.I regret not having met him years ago. A lot of pain and frustration... on my part would have been non-existent.. A comprehensive dentist considers your mouth as a whole. What makes Dr. Mancino unique and a cut above the rest is his desire to provide you with a positive memorable experience. He promised me a smile I'd be proud of and the gentleman delivered. Big time!!Adding to the positivity of this facility are the two ladies that work with him. Denise and Pinar. Denise was invaluable in helping me apply for a care credit loan to pay for some of the work I had done. Pinar is his right hand woman and the quality of her work is exemplary.Would I recommend Dr. Mancino and this facility? Absolutely! The best experience to be more
Theresa Nist
Theresa Nist
19:32 01 Oct 20
I have been a patient of Dr. Mancino for several years now, and I couldn't be happier with my results. Dr. Mancino is amazing, He is kind, caring and the ultimate professional. But more than that, he is a true perfectionist and highly skilled at what he does. Dr. Mancino worked on all of my teeth and was not satisfied until he achieved the outstanding results that met his very high expectations and that went far beyond my own expectations. I... never stop getting compliments about my smile now. I truly believe that Dr. Mancino is the best dentist you could ever hope to find. He possesses a very high level of warmth, knowledge, caring and expertise. I will never go to any other dentist. I highly recommend Dr. more
Janet Grosshandler
Janet Grosshandler
13:45 21 Sep 16
Over 10 years ago, Dr. Mancino worked his expertise and gave me the most beautiful smile. He and his friendly office staff take excellent care of my smile every visit. Highly recommended by a very happy and satisfied patient.
Linda Dreyer
Linda Dreyer
20:11 11 May 13
Dear Doctor Mancino,Without sounding repetitious, I also have had the good fortune to find Dr. Mancino at a time when I needed some serious cosmetic dentistry. I have always believed that a beautiful smile is something everyone wants. When I finally made the decision to have the work done, I knew I had made the right decision. Anthony Mancino is the ultimate professional. From the moment I first met with him and discussed my situation, he... made me feel confident that my decision would pay off; and that, it did. I have had so many compliments over the years and twelve years later, I am a dedicated patient. Anyone wanting to improve their smile should definitely seek Dr. Mancino's expert advice. The end results are terrific. I couldn't be happier with my smile. Thanks for everything, more
Lisa Viani
Lisa Viani
00:37 11 Feb 13
I would like to thank Dr. Mancino and his staff for making me feel comfortable and at ease. For a long time I feared going to the dentist. The first day I went to his office I knew I made the right choice. With numerous office visits Dr. Mancino restored my smile. My teeth are beautiful and I get lots of compliments. I highly recommend Dr. Mancino. He is unique and a perfectionist. The results are amazing. Sincerely, Connie Fedorisin
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Here are some of those hand written reviews.

Hand Written Reviews

"How can I possibly thank you all enough for my beautiful smile? Your kindness and constant support were greatly appreciated."
- Jo Ann Pica
"Thanks again for taking on this challenge. I have received many compliments on how natural my new teeth look and I am certainly smiling a lot more these days thanks to you. "
- Dr. Jack Kirnan
"Dr. Mancino’s ability to perform his artistry on my teeth will always be greatly appreciated. His talent has put a smile on my face. Thank you again."
- Robert Griesing
"Thank you for my beautiful teeth. I received many compliments . You promised to be gentle and you were."
- Mary Regan
"No one likes going to the dentist, but Dr. Mancino is truly the exception. His professionalism and quality of work is second to none. "
- Lori Tangolis
"Dr Mancino does fabulous work. I love my teeth. I have a great smile and feel more confident about myself, and it was painless. "
- Tammy Truex
"Dr. Mancino and his staff did a wonderful job with my smile. It has made me look younger and feel younger."
- Michael Murphy
"I have a million dollar smile. Thanks to Dr. Mancino, he is truly an artist. "
- Dr. Chinnici
"Dr. Mancino and his wonderful staff provided me with state-of-the art care and made me very comfortable. They are the best."
- Cindy Panacione
"Thank you for the return of the smile I thought I had lost forever."
- Frank Kijak Jr.
"Just a note to say thank you to all of your staff for the wonderful cooperation in making my transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly!!!! "
- Maureen Humerfelt
"I would like to thank you so much for my “incredible” new smile! I’d like to personally thank Dr. Mancino for his incredible gift. You truly are an “artist”.
- John Brue

Reviews From the Web

"I discovered Comprehensive Dentistry by chance in a paper and, with much fear and trepidation called the office of Dr. Mancino. The warm reception I got from Sue and Debbie immediately put my mind at ease. Dr. Mancino took care of all my problems, and provided me with beautiful, white teeth that I am so happy with. Dr. Mancino does beautiful work and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs dental work."
- Bill and Kris Bresnan

"I had a dental emergency and Dr. Mancino was able to take care of me quickly to resolve my problem. He is professional and very knowledgeable. I trust him to help with any of my dental needs. "
- Gary Fletcher

"Over 10 years ago, Dr. Mancino worked his expertise and gave me the most beautiful smile. He and his friendly office staff take excellent care of my smile every visit. Highly recommended by a very happy and satisfied patient."
- Janet Grosshandler

"Thank you for over twenty years of knowledgeable, friendly, professional and caring service. You and your staff have always made us feel extremely comfortable at each and every visit. The office is always super clean and beautiful. Your dentistry skills and knowledge are exemplary. There should be more than 5 stars, because you are a TEN!"
- Mary-Ann Frailey

"I was 75+ years old when I first saw Dr. Mancino --- my extensive dental issues were the result of many years of fear and neglect. The calm and caring professionalism of both Dr. Mancino and his staff, Deborah and Suzanne, put me at ease. My results are excellent! I am now quick to smile and can eat with pleasure for the first time in many years. No pain and plenty of gain for me"
- Rosal Lavietes

"Dr. Mancino has done extensive cosmetic dentistry for me that I am extremely pleased with. I hold him and his staff in very high esteem and feel I can trust his judgment and advice. He gave me a beautiful smile and his dental hygienist, Angela, is the best, not to mention Susanne and Judy. They are a pleasure!!!"
- Patricia Osorio

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