Advanced Computerized Dentures in Wall & Spring Lake NJ

Dentist checking dental x-rays in Wall Township, NJ
Dentist checking x-rays

If you are contemplating getting dentures or replacing an existing set of dentures, then you may want to experience our most recent advances in dentistry- computerized dentures. These restorations are offered at our Wall, NJ, office, and they resist staining, are stronger, last longer and fit more comfortably than traditional dentures.

Traditional dentures, like other appliances in traditional dentistry, use molds to capture the shape of the mouth. The dentures are then created using these molds. This system works, but anyone who has ever experienced a problem with the fit of their dentures can tell you that the system is imperfect. Any problems in the molding process are translated into the making of the dentures, which can result in dentures that are uncomfortable and ill-fitting. Besides, because molds are one-time use, if you need to replace your dentures, you have to sit for an additional set of molds, adding delay and expense to the process. Molding also introduces the possibility that human error will impact your dentures, which means an increased possibility of delay.

Computerized dentures use technology to measure your mouth, and this precision makes for an exceptional fit for your dentures. Computerized dentures are also faster than traditional dentures. This can make a tremendous difference to patients who are missing their dentures. Computerized dentures also mean permanent, reusable images of your mouth, so that if you ever lose or break your dentures, the replacement process is streamlined.

Your smile is one of your most valuable assets. Talk to Dr. Anthony Mancino to find out how computerized dentures can keep you smiling. You can also find out more information about tooth-colored fillings, dental implants, crowns, and inlays and Onlays we offer to patients.

Call Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry in Wall Township New Jersey at 732-556-9600 to schedule an appointment or contact us if you have any questions about computerized dentures.

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