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Couple dental cleaning services in Wall Township, New Jersey
Dental Cleaning In Wall Township, New Jersey

A healthy mouth means good oral hygiene, including daily brushing, flossing and cleaning at home, along with regularly scheduled dental cleaning appointments and checkups at our Wall, NJ, practice. It is now recommended that you should have cleanings four times a year. The primary reasons are that cleanings prevent plaque build-up, cavities and screening for oral cancer and gum disease. If gum disease is found in its earliest form, it is curable. If it is detected in an advanced state it may only be able to be minimized. Regular check-ups also aid in preventing infection, bone loss, and bad breath, also known as halitosis. Beyond the health of your mouth and good oral hygiene, there are other significant potential benefits as more studies and research have produced findings that show inadequate oral hygiene is associated with many other health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, strokes and more.

Scheduled exams are excellent for overall dental health and prevention. The results are a better mouth with better teeth and fewer and less severe problems like sore gums, bleeding gums, enamel damage, and tooth decay. And regular check-ups let you catch things early before they become too far gone and save money in the long run as preventative care.

Dental Cleanings in Wall Township, New Jersey with our dentist Dr. Anthony Mancino remove material and extrinsic stains; they also prevent gingivitis. While patients expect dentists to discover conditions like tartar, plaque, decay, and improper jaw alignment, the results of professional exams along with a complete medical history can sometimes also confirm poor nutrition, hygiene, growth, and development problems.

When you schedule your checkup, to brighten your smile and boost overall health it is nice to know that a routine cleaning only requires one office visit with Dr. Mancino. A regular cleaning will begin with an exam of your mouth, including your teeth and your gums. This is also helpful for identifying any other dental issues you may be having. The first step in cleaning is the removal of plaque and tartar. Next, the teeth are polished. Finally, in some instances, fluoride treatment is applied.

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