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When tooth decay reaches the pulp (the blood vessels and nerves deep within the tooth), a sudden onset of pain can result. Left untreated, extraction eventually becomes the only viable solution. That is where root canal therapy can help.

Root canal therapy is an effective treatment to stop the spread of infection while preserving the exterior of your tooth. Dr. Anthony Mancino has more than 25 years of dentistry experience and performs root canal therapy at his Wall, NJ, clinic. He uses advanced techniques to make this treatment virtually painless.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

The main benefits of root canal therapy are the restoration of oral health and relief from painful symptoms. Patients who undergo this safe and effective procedure can benefit from:

Prevention of serious complications

An abscess resulting from a dental infection can compromise the health of surrounding gum tissue and neighboring teeth. An abscess in the upper jaw can even spread to the eyes and brain. By undergoing root canal therapy as soon as infection is detected, you can prevent more serious side effects.

Virtually pain-free treatment

Dr. Mancino will use local anesthesia to ensure that you do not experience discomfort during the treatment.

Preservation of teeth

Root canal therapy can eliminate the need for tooth extraction. By preserving your natural tooth, you can prevent the jawbone recession. In some cases, your tooth may need to be topped with a dental crown following root canal therapy.

Dr. Mancino offers a complimentary consultation (a $250 value) for new patients.

Am I a Candidate for Root Canal Therapy?

Most individuals who have advanced tooth infection are good candidates for root canal therapy. Many of these candidates are experiencing:


Pain radiating from a tooth

Swelling in the gums

Sudden onset of dental sensitivity to heat and cold

Facial pain

Insurance plans cover at least a portion of root canal therapy. If you are uninsured, or if your policy does not cover the entire cost, our office accepts WellsFargo, CareCredit® and LendingClub® financing options. 

A Look at the Procedure

Dr. Mancino will examine your tooth and symptoms before recommending root canal therapy. In many cases, the procedure will need to be performed on the day of your examination. Dr. Mancino will ensure that the treatment area is numb by using a local anesthetic around and below your infected tooth.

Once you are comfortable, an access point will be drilled near the top of your tooth. That small hole will be used to access the infected pulp area. Infected soft tissue will be removed, and the remaining space will be disinfected before being filled with a rubber-like substance. Some patients may benefit from a post being inserted into one or more of their root canals for structural support.

The top of your tooth will be capped with a crown or dental filling.

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If you are experiencing a sudden onset of pain or sensitivity, contact our office immediately. Dr. Mancino, a professional dentist for sensitive teeth in Wall Township, will examine your tooth to determine if a root canal is the best way to restore your oral health. He offers a complimentary consultation (a $250 value) for new patients.

To schedule your root canal appointment with Comprehensive Dentistry in Wall, NJ today, contact us online or call our office at 732-556-9600

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