Expert Tooth Extraction Services in Wall & Spring Lake NJ

Dental extractions are one of the most important general dentistry services there is. Dentists cannot always repair and save the permanent teeth that were meant to last a lifetime.

At our Wall, NJ, practice, common causes for a tooth extraction include decay, infection, trauma, and crowding. When you keep up with regularly scheduled cleanings and exams, most areas with decay and infection can be treated without extractions. However, without regular examinations and cleanings, advanced decay and too much disease or infection can occur that lead to pain, indicating the need for an extraction. Trauma is usually something unexpected and extraction may not be able to be avoided. While crowding is frequently the result of the natural way teeth have grown in, especially the wisdom teeth.

As one of the most common dental services, there are other reasons for a tooth needing to be extracted. There may be a prior root canal that was done years ago or other dental work that has expired. Bone loss can also cause the need for extraction as well as for planning for orthodontic alignment of teeth.

If a problem tooth is not removed it can cause pain, infection, and damage to the mouth and other teeth. If infected teeth that need to be removed are not, prolonged pain, damage to the mouth and other teeth can occur as well as more serious health issues.

There are two types of extractions. The simple dental extraction is usually on a tooth that is already loose and the full tooth can be seen in the mouth. This type of extraction does not require as much to remove it. A surgical extraction is more involved in that the tooth may have broken off at the gum line or is impacted or for a tooth that has not erupted.

An extraction procedure requires one visit after diagnosis is made. Most dental extractions are performed in the office in Wall Township New Jersey, using local anesthetic. Considered a surgery, Dr. Mancino has extensive experience in this area.

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