Common Causes of Bad Breath

Do you have bad breath? Most people want to say no. However, we often do not know when our breath stinks. To find out the answer, ask a trusted person who will be honest with you if your breath smells. If they say yes, ask them if it is a problem that they notice frequently. If they say yes, you may have a problem with bad breath. Here are some common causes of bad breath and how to fix them.

Get Help

If you have more than occasional bad breath, it could be a medical problem. Both doctors and dentists may be able to help you, depending on what is causing the breath. So, you can address the problem with either of those medical professionals. Just do not be surprised if your doctor tells you to see your dentist or vice versa.


Dentists can handle many of the causes of bad breath. Dentists can address cavities, gum disease, and dry mouth. They can identify many of these issues during their routine dental exams and cleanings. They can also identify any issues you may have with hygiene. Something as simple as failing to floss correctly can lead to bad breath.


Sometimes bad breath is a sign of an underlying medical issue. Sinus issues or postnasal drip can cause bad breath. Gastrointestinal problems, especially heartburn or acid reflux, can cause bad breath, as well. If your doctor cannot identify the cause of your bad breath, they may ask you about your diet. Some foods are known to cause bad breath. If you frequently eat stinky foods, you may need to change your brushing and flossing routine to get rid of those foods.

Treating Bad Breath

Identifying the cause of your bad breath is the first step towards treating it. However, proper dental hygiene is always a good place to start. Get twice a year cleanings to remove tartar and plaque and reduce your chance of gum disease. Brush your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once per day.

If diet is the cause of your bad breath, try brushing your teeth after eating smelly foods. When that is not an option, consider chewing some sugar free gum. Chewing gum promotes saliva production, which can help eliminate bad breath.

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